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Address: 14, Ogareva str., Almaty  480079, Kazakhstan
tel. +7 (3272) 572982, fax +7 (3272) 572503
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Special Meals

Air Kazakhstan recognize the demand for "specialized" foods.
For those passengers who prefer diet cuisine, we offer a choice of special vegetarian and Moslem meals.


Vegetarian food offered on Air Kazakhstan flights is composed of variety of vegetable and fruit salads, carefully prepared vegetable dishes. Our chefs are currently working on new recipes of diary food.


Many of the passengers traveling to Asia and Middle East prefer Moslem cuisine. This can be ordered when passenger books his/her flight with Air Kazakhstan or its agents. All the dishes are composed according to complex requirements of Islamic Faith. Pork, and alcohol as well as certain types of fish are excluded from the recipes.

Air Kazakhstan Chefs are designing new recipes for our  passengers. Special kids' and kosher meals to come soon.

Order your special meal when you book flights
with Air Kazakhstan and its agents!

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