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Address: 14, Ogareva str., Almaty  480079, Kazakhstan
tel. +7 (3272) 572982, fax +7 (3272) 572503

Timetable Timetable


Cities of origin and destination should be different.

Frequency - Flights operated on following days of week:
1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday,
4 - Tuesday, 5 - Friday, 6 - Saturday, 7 - Sunday


From-To - in cases that several routes exist between cities of Origin and Destination, every option is marked in an alternating color (one or several rows for direct or connecting flights, respectively)


Time - local times of departure from the airport of Origin and arrival to the airport of Destination
- if the day of arrival differs from the day of departure, you will find a sign ("-1", "+1", "+2", etc.) right beside the time that will mean "one day before the day of departure", "one day after the day of departure", "two days after the day of departure", etc. - respectively


Operated from___ till___ - the period during which the flight is operated


Unfortunately we could not find direct flights or satisfactory flights connecting these cities. Please contact your nearest travel agent.

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